if you’re in zurich…

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come to my show!



i want pie! i want beef jerky!

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i feel pretty lucky to call wolf larsen my best friend.


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almost sold out. buy tickets today.

like a bad accident

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i just can’t stop watching.


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although i haven’t actually seen it in real life, the new issue of the diner journal just came out and i have an article in it called ‘swine is divine.’ it’s about pigs. obvi. but it’s actually more about what pigs, standing in here for food in general, can teach you. or, maybe it’s more about how the way in which we learn from food is changing. i don’t know. guess you’ll just have to pick one up and read it for yourself.

I am Published.

while you’re there (at the website, i mean), you might as well read my somewhat recent blog rant about cows and corn and factory farming and the midwest.

black eyes and wallpaper (or, powershot RIP).

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a few memories from my m.i.a./r.i.p. digital point and shoot:

This is old, but...

vodka tonic on the west side.

So hot.

dirty kids