news from the first tier.

last night was truly amazing, truly truly truly amazing (oooaaa, jem!).

winnie‘s inaugural dinner + 1 (where she invites some friends and they all invite friends and nobody knows each other and you eat and drink and eat and drink and talk and play celebrity) blew my mind. theme: dirty south.

first, (and probably most importantly?) the food: braised pork shoulder, black-eyed pea salad, warm biscuits and cornbread, sauteed kale, okra, okra, and more okra, cracklin’, shrimp and grit poppers, and buttermilk pie. am i forgetting anything? oh yeah, great wine all around.



look at us adults.

and then, as if things weren’t good enough, we played celebrity. my team proudly lived up to its name (the DESTROYINATORS) by absolutely crushing the competition.

team photo:



i am not really sure who eric is trying to act out, could be the croonings of such singers a (the artist formerly known as) prince or phil collins. perhaps a physical interpretation of ayn rand’s “the fountainhead.” doesn’t matter anyway, since they lost.

come to think of it, this may have been eric’s attempt at a tony the tiger impression.

all in all, a tremendous evening. thanks winster!


~ by bklyncupcake on March 29, 2007.

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