meme (Must Everyone Mortify Edward?)

so winnie told me on the subway last night that i was it. i wasn’t really sure what she was talking about, and as she began explaining something about evolution and blogs and community, i must admit i zoned out a little bit as i was preoccupied with the new signs on the L train that tell you how long until the next train arrives (blessing? curse?). anyway, i do remember that i have to write 8 random facts about myself that no one knows (somewhat daunting as i don’t tend to keep much to myself) and that i have to tag 8 people (even more daunting, cause i only know two people with blogs, and one of them tagged me). anyway, here it goes:

8) i once incurred a cirular fracture in my shoulder blade after falling squarely on a field hockey ball. it’s the only bone i have every broken.

7) the first time i smoked a cigarette was in the parking lot of the local rod and gun club.

6) i read the new yorker religiously, front cover to back cover, and just as religiously don’t read any of the poetry or fiction.

5) my first crush was in first grade on a boy named patrick. i was heartbroken when he moved to pennsylvania at the end of the school year. the only thing that consoled me was thinking about the word pencilvania (as i imagined it) and how neat it was that a) both the words “pen” and “pencil” could be found within its bounds, and b) that vampires lived there.

4) my first kiss was in the seventh grade to a boy named mike, who, at the time, was a good 2″ shorter than my whopping 5 frame and had a mullet. we frenched during stairway to heaven at a school dance.

3) i am addicted to this.

2) i always wake up to wnyc. great station. usually the news is on when the alarm goes off and i find myself, half awake, totally riveted to the synopses they are relaying. later on in the day i will think about how well informed i am, with all these news stories trickling into my brain first thing. the problem is that when i try to recall what they are about i can not remember a single detail about any of the stories. none. not one. useless.

and, finally:

1) i own justified on vinyl.


~ by bklyncupcake on June 4, 2007.

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