how social networking supports our troops (or: why i am addicted to facebook)

i avoided facebook for a long time. as long as i could. i saw it only as a way for college kids to post drunken pictures of each other (and as there are numerous embarrassing drunken pictures of me out there already, i didn’t particularly want to create a online space for them to be collected).

one day, however, unicorns reappeared, pigs flew, the heavens opened, and i joined. the circumstances are not particularly important, but it is important to say that there were circumstances.

the point of all this is to let you know that now, after only a few novice weeks, i am addicted. i love facebook.

there, i said it. and i’ll say it again: i love facebook.

the interface is much more entertaining than myspace or friendster and you get to do cool things like throw sheep at people or, my favorite, play long-distance scrabble with folks you never really knew that well to begin with.

anyway, it also, as any good social networking site does, gets you in touch with old friends. and this, my dears, is most exciting. recently, a woman i went to college with contacted me via facebook. after a few emails, we realized that we had a lot in common in terms of our love for, and persual of, photography.  she sent me her blogsite, and now i am happy to pass it on to you. the images are intensely powerful, poignant, and so appropriate for this time. i wish i could send them to our president every time he incites us to “support our troops.”

here are some of my favorites:

in the bedroom

in the bedroom.

daddy’s purple heart.

daddy’s purple heart.

sleeping in the hangar

sleeping in the hangar.

photos by lindsey bergstrom.


~ by bklyncupcake on July 24, 2007.

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