with the (food) homies.

so, this will be short and sweet since it’s a brilliant day outside and i should really be on my bike and not in front of a computer screen, capice? but, i wanted to share some photos from last weekend when i travelled to vermont (sigh) and maine (double sigh) for a wedding, and some cheese. yes, cheese. in case you hadn’t noticed, i will travel for food.

anyway, the wedding was glorious and family/dog/darkandstormy filled. from there, i jumped in my not-so-trusty-auto (the “flex pipe” on the muffler [a term i learned from the cute Vermont mechanic who finally fixed it] had disconnected from the catalytic converter…needless to say, i sounded like a convention of all the “live free or die” northern new hampshire bikers as i drove from bumfrick maine to bumfrick vermont), and headed to shelburne farms (i.e. the second most beautiful place on earth, besides midcoast maine).

there i ate cheese, drank wine, schmoozed with foodies, reunited with old friends, and generally had a smashing time until the sun set over lake champlain. below are some highlights (pictures courtesy of ms. amy):


mossend blue from bonnie view dairy, brick in the wall from lazy lady farm, square goat tomme from twig farm and shelburne farm’s bandaged cheddar!

The Inn!

the inn at shelburne farms (think vanderbilts)!


bread! and flowers!




yeah, and me. that’s how i roll.


~ by bklyncupcake on August 11, 2007.

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