ah, ju-le ju-le.

i spent last summer in ladakh, india. for those of you who are unfamiliar with ladakh, it is the region of india located the farthest north and the farthest west you can get without hitting pakistan or china. mostly china, but by the amount of military in those parts, you’d think it was mostly pakistan. i digress.

i didn’t have a blog then, but if i did, i would have posted lots of pictures and told you all about it. since i have a blog now, and since i just found a disk with all the digital pictures that i thought i had lost (i still have all the film, not to worry), i thought i would reminisce. stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

in ladakh, which is buddhist and muslim, unlike most of hindu india, i lived with a family of farmers (which pretty much everyone was until we imposed a monetary, western economy to a culture that was unfamiliar with both. now, well, now is a long story that you can learn all about by clicking here).

here are my brothers:


playing as only kids in asia know how, with whatever they can find.


here’s dorje again, with our dzomo (half yak, half cow), our barley fields, and the himalayas in the background.

we had a cat, and she had kittens. they were very small:


this one actually ended up getting eaten by the momma cat. sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you planned.

we also had a cow that had a calf. the calf did not get eaten by its mom, so, you know, sometimes life is ok afterall.


after i left the farm, i shared a house with some amazing westerners where we would cook delicious food and play music. i miss that.


here someone is grinding up walnuts for some sort of make-shift pesto? most of our meals were make-shift. and most were unbelievably good. here are some of the cooks:


i also spent a lot of time riding on top of buses, and playing with scrumptious children.



these two were some of my favorite.

and once i trekked over a very high (16,000 ft. ?) mountain pass to a place called the nubra valley with some germans and some canadians and some horses. the trek was amazing. the ride back, not so much.





this is helena, brian, the canadian, and the other horse. and that’s tashi putting on their leashes (read: tying their legs together, but not in some sort of peta uproar kind of way, don’t fret) so they won’t run off and leave us.

and that, my dears, was my summer vacation, in a nutshell. double sigh.


~ by bklyncupcake on October 31, 2007.

One Response to “ah, ju-le ju-le.”

  1. I saw a developmentally diabled cow recently. If you’ve never seen one, you’d ask, “how did you know?” But if you have seen one, you know: you just know. It’s mom didn’t eat it, but it did refuse to feed it, so it was in a pen by itself being human-fed. Anyway, your cow reminded me of that. Sometimes life is ok after all, like when someone rescues a retarded baby cow. But maybe the world made it so that we wouldn’t have retarded cows to deal with because they’d die, and maybe that kitten was supposed to be food.

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