…the musical. why is it that every time i think of the word ‘memory’ i end up singing the two lines i know from that horribly annoying song from the horribly annoying musical and get stuck with an image of a person dressed as a cat standing alone in the moonlight. it’s a bad habit. anyway, i was thinking of memory because i was thinking of summer (“i was beautiful then”, or at least tan). remember that time? i know it’s hard when the thermometer reads 11 degrees and your skin is peeling off because it is so dry and your new year’s resolutions are already broken, but there is this thing called summer. it’s warm then (hot sometimes) and there are rooftop parties and camping trips and it is sunny until 9pm. it’s fabulous. think hard, i bet you can dredge up some inkling of how it feels to have the sun on your shoulders, to ride bikes wearing sleeveless dresses, to eat strawberries…

it not, here are some reminders:



ahhh family weddings.

maybe, if we’re lucky and good and say our prayers, summer will come early this year?


~ by bklyncupcake on January 3, 2008.

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