woulda, coulda, shoulda

as in, i woulda, coulda, shoulda posted about venezuela (Vz) immediately upon returning, while images were still fresh and i could more clearly articulate the overwhelming pride present in el pueblo (the people) who, after years of oppression, have finally been given the ultimate gift of liberty: power over their own communities and a government who trusts them to do their best by their neighbors. now i am mired in unclarity…the propaganda of the right and the propaganda of the left leaving me unsure about how to defend what i experienced in venezuela without sounding like a blind chavista.

to be sure, oil money is funding amazing programs in a country where the government subsidizes PEOPLE not CORPORATIONS. what i learned above all, is that subsidy is not a dirty word. our government has made it dirty though their use of subsidies to support business and industry that DESTROYS not BUILDS. what i learned is that a country with enormous resources can democratically elect a government that uses the wealth of those resources to better, not worsen, the lives of the populace. what a place! what true liberty we would have, if our politicians actually LISTENED to the people who put them in their distant, oaken-doored offices on capital hill. and if those politicians actually TRUSTED their constituents to know best.

as i was asked by a young cacao farmer, when will the revolution happen in america? inside i laughed and then cried. not until our complacent, apathetic, comfortable middle-class realizes their blindness caused by ignorance and takes back the power that we are rightfully due.

on that note, photos!

fresh catch.

cacti at the rock farm

last supper

this land and these people are free

an ignorant people are the blind instrument of their own destruction


this flour is against corruption. shouldn’t you be?

catching fish

oh, to be young and venezuelan

fred, look, vacas!

cacao farmer


cacao beans drying

more to come.


~ by bklyncupcake on February 22, 2008.

One Response to “woulda, coulda, shoulda”

  1. I’m working steadily on putting together my notes (from my little notebook)… maybe in the next week I’ll have them done? or will just send out what I have so far. Also, my photos are still mostly unlabeled is why I haven’t advertised them yet, but they’re on my picasa account (under my gmail username). These are great, anyway. And I miss you!

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