brooklyn bounty

it’s been a while. i know. apologies. i’ve been a bit swamped.

but i’m back now, and I just got a new digital camera – which makes these things easier.

anyway, even though it’s october, i’m still harvesting tomatoes from my prison yard garden (i got a late start). so today i brought some in to share with my co-workers (and marion nestle, our special guest). i thought about making some kind of elaborate dish with them, but who’s got the time? and honestly, what tastes better than a fresh, ripe tomato sprinkled with basil, olive oil, and maldon sea salt?

And so this:
Brooklyn Bounty

turned into this:
Marion Nestle Came to Lunch!

With some homemade spanakopita on the side.


~ by bklyncupcake on October 14, 2008.

One Response to “brooklyn bounty”

  1. Hi Lady,
    Can we assume you’ve been busy…getting ready for terra madre?
    The very same trip to italy we will be taking???
    We miss you and are sorry we haven’t emailed earlier but we hope we’re going to see you next week!

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