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our first l<3ves

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my favorite is spaghettis.

music in a van.

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there is this website that i really like. it is sort of like mtv for indie kids with macbooks. they set-up, film, and produce live performances in places like abandoned buildings, friend’s apartments and, in this case, a van. it’s very cool. they are french.

co no po lo

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yeah, that’s right. no bike polo in colorado. dummies. this video made me kind of sad:


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i watched this movie about mongolia a few days ago and it got me (re)thinking about mongolia and how much i want to go there. and that got me thinking about why and that got me thinking about this photograph by magnum photographer eve arnold:

Eve Arnold

it’s images like this that make me realize how much i love taking pictures.

my genius’ name is Beatrice.

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i’m not much of a blogger, in case you hadn’t noticed. instead, i like to mine things from other places and let them speak for me. this is elizabeth gilbert, author of eat, pray, love (yeah, i know, i read it and loved it and also felt kind of silly about it at the same time too), on creative genius.

and to think, i liked playmobil better.

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